What is Silverlight ?

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What is Silverlight ?
Silverlight is a web appliation framework.Multimedai,graphics,adobe flash,animation are integrated into single environment.


Silverlight was developed by Microsoft Corporation in April 2007.This language was written in combination of C++ and C#.Almost it supports all operating system (Microsoft Windows,Linus,Mac OS X).

Silverlight supports WMV(Window Media Video),WMA(Window Medai Audio),and MP3 media content.


Silverlight 1.0, which was developed under the Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF), consists of the core presentation framework, which is responsible for the user interface (UI), interactivity and user input, basic UI controls, graphics and animation, media playback.

VERSIONS with there release date are as follows:

Ver 1.0 on 2006-12
Ver 1.0.2 on 2007-09-05
Ver 1.1.2 on 2007-09-05
Ver 1.0.21 on 2007-11-20
Ver 1.0.3 on 2008-01-15
Ver 2 Beta on 2008-03-05

Ver 2 Beta 2 2 on 2008-06-06[49]
Ver2.0.30523.8 on 2008-07-16
Ver1.0 Service release 1.0.3071 on 2008-07-27
Ver2 2.0.305 2008-09-25
Ver2 RTW[50] 2.0.31005.0 2008-10-14[51]
Ver2 2.0.40 2009-02-19
Ver3 Beta 3.0.4 on 2009-03-18

Ver3 GDR 1 3.0.40 on 2009-07-28

Ver4 Beta 1 4.0.4 on 2009-11-18

Ver4 RC 4.0.50 on 2010-03-15

Silverlight applications can be written in any .NET programming language.

The following data shows the operating System and web browser compatibility.


Windows XP/2003/Home Server Supports IE6,Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, Opera Google with version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.
Windows 2000 Supports IE6,Firefox,Safari with version2.0, 3.0 .

I have add some images which would help to identify the Silverlight Technology.

The Following is Silverlight WebSites.