How To Quickly Get Your Site Indexed in Google and Other Search Engines?

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Search engines are the major sources of traffic to your website. Most people go to the websites after searching them on the search engines. Most important and most used search engines is Google. So, if your site is not indexed by any search engine, you cannot get a good and steady amount of traffic. Here we are giving you some quick tips to get your site indexed in google and other search engines.

1) No need to Submit your site to Google for Indexing
Google and other search engines allow you to submit your website link for indexing. They state that it will many weeks to index the site and even after several weeks it is not guaranteed that your site will be indexed. So, please don’t submit your site to google and other search engines for indexing.

2) How New Sites are Indexed by Google and other Search Engines
Google bot frequently visits the websites that are already indexed. This frequency may vary site to site and it depends on many factors. Whenever the google bot re-visits any site, if it finds any new link to any other website, it records it. Now google checks that site and if it is not already added by google it indexes that site too. In this way, google goes from sites to sites and discovers new sites and adds them to its index. This is the quickest way of indexing.

3) How to index your site
The idea is very simple. Go to google and search for all the blogs and forums which are related to the theme of your website. For example if your website is about jewellery then you can search this phrase on the google. “jewellery+blogs+forums”. This will list you all the blogs and forums which are related to the jewellery subject. Sort out the list and find the high PR blogs and forums. Now, join these forums and blogs. Choose the hottest topic and start posting your comments. At the bottom of every post place a link back to your website and thats it.

As these forums and blogs are already indexed by google and are well ranked, these will be re-visited by google within a day or two. Then your website link will be found by the google bot and will be added to its index. Now the bot will visit your website and will add your site’s main page in its database.

Congratulations, your site in indexed by the Google within 7 days.

Alternatively, if you have another high PR website, you can place the link of your new website in its home page for 7-10 days. After these days, when your site is indexed, you can remove that link.