The Google Jagger Update

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What has the Google Jagger update delivered to us as internet users and how has it impacted search engine optimization companies?

Jagger Update For Internet Users

The Google Jagger update was done to try and refine some of the results that were showing up in the Google search results by concentrating on weeding out those sites that were not beneficial to the person searching for their specific search term.

Google, and any search engine for that matter, wants to deliver high quality unique and relevant sites. That means that they needed to target scraper sites, monetized directory sites, spam sites, link exchanges and Blog spam.

With the completion of the Google Jagger update you should now see more relevant search engine results that are more likely to be in line with your requirements. Less rubbish and more good content was the hope and it seems that to a certain degree this update has been effective and was beneficial in general to the internet user whose preference is Google for their search engine.

Jagger Update For Search Engine Optimization Companies

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth SEO companies are starting to calm down….a little bit anyway. The Google Jagger update was deemed to be the end for search engine optimization companies and there was panic everywhere especially in the early stages of the update when sites seemed to be dropping like flies out of the Google results pages.

You could here the shouts of “they have gone too far this time” and “people will start using MSN & Yahoo! more and more now” any it is open to interpretation just whether these two statements hold some truth. One thing is certain though and that is that Google had to do something, too many black hat ‘SEO companies’ were abusing the previous algorithms and negatively affecting the overall quality of the Google search results.

Google created this monster initially by putting so much weight on inbound links and it was a relatively easy strategy for SEO companies to use that exploited how Google was producing results. Instantly there came wave after wave of irrelevant link farms whose sole purpose was to exploit the Google algorithms, it benefited nobody except the site owner who got away with it and many sites did…..then along came Jagger.

The Jagger update seems to affect the way SEO companies need to work by giving more weight to the relevancy of inbound and outbound links, filtering of unacceptable css spam techniques and demotion of blog relevancy/weight.

Instead of thinking of quantity over quality we have now got to be smarter, just like in real life a recommendation (link) from a high quality company (site) is more beneficial and trustworthy to you (your website) than that from an general ad lost in the classifieds section of a tabloid (think link farms).

It seems that SEO companies have got to now be more than manipulators; they have got to play more by the rules.

Search is ever evolving and so already there are people who are exploiting loopholes in the Jagger update but they are next in Google’s hit list…..may the battle commence!