5 Conversion Boosting Techniques

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As someone has aptly remarked that you can get a world over traffic as well as generate sales but if you cannot obtain the traffic for converting to real sales, then you will never be going to make it rich.

If you represent one of those marketers who have failed to get it right, the here are some tips for easing out your tensions. Get past of those time consuming hours of testing and commence getting the conversions which you crave for.

Firstly, it is scarcity. The very idea that something won’t be able to be availed for long or else it will go up in price or even not offer the same content that is a powerful motivator to purchase. People will be going to act when they will feel that they have very less time for acting, and thus, be sure for adding key motivators throughout your copy as well as your emails. You can take the help of Javascript for placing a timer on your page which counts down the date of expiry. Also, the prices may upsurge. You need to offer limited time bonuses in case consumers purchase through your links and not others. Such methods are useful ways of boosting conversions.

Secondly, there is a need to build credibility. This is the biggest hurdle for sale. People have to know that they can trust you up in front and you will be provided what you have promised on a consistent basis. For performing such task, you have to build credibility, through usage of testimonials, seals for guarantees as well as trusted site stickers along with videos which show them who you are.

Thirdly, there is a need to focus on benefits. You have to showcase specific ways how the product will benefit the reader. There are too many sites which focus on long features lists that don’t necessarily explain how they impact someone’s life. You have to ask yourself how the product could make your life better in case, you were the lead.

Fourthly, you must implement email marketing the sooner the possible within your sites as well as use it for capturing as many leads that may be possible. The average email capture rate is 10 times higher than the average sales conversion rates. Email leads spend an average of 50% more on additional products than what there exists directly on site. Thus, you can have both higher conversions as well as create a funnel for making sales in future, whenever a new product is released. For boosting email capture rates, you can use bonuses such as free reports or mini courses for drawing people into your list.

Fifthly, you have to place emphasis on hooks. It the average reader who decides whether to leave the site in minutes or stay on the same for a few hours and for this you have to have multiple hooks throughout the text for grabbing their attention. You have to use images for breaking up the text as well as have a catchy, visible headline and use scannable text in the form of bullet lists, subheaders along with small paragraphs that can be read in a quick manner. The easier it is to see what benefits are on the page, the lesser time you will have for holding their attention.

Such are the basic strategies which every affiliate marketer in the world uses to generate interest, develop leads as well as finally convert all that traffic into tangible sales. However, keep in mind that every website isn’t the same. You have to diversify your actions, try each thing as well as test the results in a continuous manner.