Achieving success with Link Baiting

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You must have written some good content and have posted it on your blog some or the other time. You feel proud and just sit and stare at it. After that, it hits you. But the thing remains that will anyone will actually see it. With this sort of thing, you will start varied thinking on how to get visitors to your site. The very technique to make this happen is known as linkbait.

Defining linkbait, it is a piece of content that is created for alluring links by its awesome quality, entertaining as well as humorous or have useful values. Quite another way for looking at it is by comparing it to fishing. When doing fishing, you must put a bait on a hook as well as toss it into the water. After that, you simply sit and wait for catching something. After you grab something, you reel it in. In the similar fashion, you put a link somewhere on the internet in the form of cute phrase. After the person takes the bait and then clicks the link, you must get them reeled within your site.

The most popular way that I have found to be successful with link baiting is through social networking sites. This practice is in another terms known as social bookmarking. It is quite easy and ok to social bookmark your website. After writing in the information on your website, you can eventually go to any social networking sites as well as bookmark that web page of yours. This is here where the linkbait part comes in handy. There are varied types of hooks that come into handy. Some of these are:-

  • Ego Hooks- While talking about someone in a positive manner within your articles, the people will more likely to bookmark your site or vote it up.
  • Humor Hooks- Humor as well as news always battle it out for top hooks that people wish to see as well as click. The benefit of humor is once very funny. On the other hand, new gets old very easily.
  • Contrary Hooks- You must try playing the other side of fence for once. This means while writing something, try reporting by someone who said it.
  • Resource Hooks- All of such things like ‘How to’ fits best here. People are always looking for learning something new.

·         News Hooks- People always wishe to break the latest story. This is where social bookmarking site that is Digg, comes in handy. There is a huge amount of traffic on this bookmarking site. You just have to play the right game.