Adding Background Image to Twitter

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While working on twitter, you may have certainly come across several background images chosen by various people. Adding background image is a perfect way to personalize your account as well as express your personality. In case, you are using twitter for building your business, then adding an image will represent your brand on twitter. There are some tips to add a background image to Twitter.

Firstly, find and chose a background image which you like. It is best to handpick an image from stock photo sites since they stand out from standard backgrounds which twitter offers. After choosing an image, you need to make sure that it is less than 800 kb in size. If the size is much larger than that, twitter won’t accept it. You can choose from a varied background like JPG, GIF or PNG file.

Secondly, in order to customize the image, you need to add photos as well as text to the background. If you posses Microsoft Powerpoint or Photoshop, then you can add images as well as text for background through making use of those programs. You need to make sure for putting your images as well as text towards the upper left hand side of the image for showing up on Twitter page. Always make sure to save the copies of your original image as well as the new background which you are making by adding images as well text to it. There exist certain times when it takes a few attempts for getting the sizes as well as spacing correct.

Thirdly, login to your twitter account and click on ‘settings’ button. On the ‘settings’ page, click on the ‘design’ button. This is the right place to add the background which you have picked.

Fourthly, for adding your image, you need to click on ‘change background image’ button. After that, you need to select ‘browse’ for searching out the image on your computer. In case, you are using a smaller background image and  you need to repeat it, then select the tile check box. After completing these things you have to select ‘save changes’.

Fifthly, you need to preview your background image before submitting it finally on Twitter.

In short, it is the Twitter backgrounds that can make or mar your profile. Always remember to choose a theme which is a bit complicated as it will succeed in getting more people confused. Choose color combinations that are striking as well as attractive and finally your image which suggests how you are projected through creation of terrific impression on the viewers. Always keep in mind that everyone who utilizes Twitter is different, thus creating an exclusive background will attract the attention of the audience that will drive more traffic in your way. Thus, twitter backgrounds convey your brand on the internet as well as help build up several followers. It is very essential to build a twitter profile and add a good background image for driving in more traffic on the web and getting a good ranking of your business on search engine results.