Why Articles get rejected

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There are thousands of article submission sites where aspiring authors, website owners, entrepreneurs etc submit new articles every day. However, not all articles are approved by these sites. Several of the sites reject the articles on the basis of poor quality of content or due to other reasons. In this article, we will go through the reasons why articles get rejected.

  1. Poor Quality of Content:- You must write something so that readers take interest in reading it. You can address a problem and offer a solution within your content. It offers the best bet when it comes to article marketing. Content pieces which approach an old problem in a new way or with a new twist work very well.
  2. Write using personality:- Nobody like to read text books. You need to put a little of your own personality in your article marketing as well as make your content engaging, entertaining and informative. Using sense of humor also adds charm to the content.
  3. Writing for the Audience:- Never distribute the content on political matters to a health website. They simply don’t care about such irrelevant information that doesn’t describe their part of work.
  4. Write a decent article:- If you wish to be published, then you must write a long, descriptive and decently written article. This is because most of the publishers like long articles. Avoid beating about the bush. You need to put the details; otherwise you have the full chance to get rejected.
  5.  Breaking up the article:- Never use long paragraphs while writing a article. It is much easier and enjoyable to read an article that includes short paragraphs, few single lines, bullets etc. Nobody likes to read text books on internet.
  6. Grammar and Spelling Check:- When you are writing an article for a serious article marketing campaign, then must include spell check. Nobody will publish your content if it is full of spelling as well as grammar errors.
  7. Never write a Sales Letter:- Nobody will publish an article that looks like sales letter. This is because article marketing is not only about selling, it is about pre-selling.
  8. Forget about Affiliate Links:- No one will use your article if it is full of your own affiliate links. You need to use your head and add a dash of creativity to your article.
  9. Create a reasonable resource box:- A resource box simply tells the visitors who you are, what you do, as well as how can I get in touch with you. It is not an unlimited advertising space for you to describe every website you run and every product you sell. Article marketing is only about content and not advertising. The same rule applies to Resource Box too.
  10.  Write what you Know:- In case you are writing articles that are based on opinion, then get your facts straight. Never write content that is filled with advice with no business giving as this will hurt your article marketing campaign.

Although article marketing is a very lucrative option but you need to perform it in the right order