Atmosphere of Blogosphere

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A blog is nothing more than that of a personal diary where the individuals keep a track record of their personal events in their lives. The word blog is a contraction of ‘web log’ wherein the entries are showcased in reverse chronological order.

Blogging means adding content to and maintaining a blog through usage of text, images as well as links to other blogs. Readers may leave comments as well as this is an crucial part of several blogs.

Till now, blogs have allured increasing attention in recent years due to the role in news-breaking stories. Key information may be highlighted as well as the events analyzed with views being expressed on several issues that involve political issues. By far and wide, blogging has made a great negative impact on newspaper corporations as well as journalism industry due to diminishing circulations.

There are varied types of blogs  which are as follows:-

  • Ones that have their focus on fashion, education, travel, politics as well as on a particular subject. Music and art are also a part of the niche.
  • Some pose useful in businesses and corporations in two major ways. Firstly, for improving communications internally and secondly externally for promotion of marketing, public relations as well as branding. These are known as corporate blogs. The blogs that relate to clubs as well as societies are known as club blogs.
  • The most frequently used blog is personal or individual blog. In personal blogs, the bloggers usually communicate their ongoing life’s events as well as happenings, success and achievements even if they aren’t read. One type of personal blog allow the bloggers to sieze a moment in time as well as share feelings and thoughts with family and friends, for instance. Twitter sites as well as others like it are much speedier than emails or writing.
  • A blog that is composed by a mobile device such as mobile phone or PDA is known as moblog.
  • Some of the blogs are categorized by media type. For example, one which is made up of videos is known as vlog or if it is photos, then it is known as photoblog. Those that happen to be mixed media types as well as shorter posts are known as tumblelogs.

Usually blogs on the web are socially networked as well as interconnected through means of linkbacks, backlinks, blogroll and comments. Involvement in this community brings us to the world of blogosphere. It seems that the role of blogs in our everyday lives whether it is corporate, political or social continues to impact us.