Basics of Tweet Etiquette on Twitter

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Twitter refers to a community of people who wish to seek knowledge. Just as in case of other communities, there are guidelines in terms of communicating with others. There are certain basics which you must remember while twitting on Twitter.

Always express your gratitude to others. If other people retweet something which you have sent as a tweet, then you must send out thanks messages. Whether it is new RT or it is a built-in Twitter retweet option was used. The thank you message must be sent as a direct message to only their account. In case of general question while sending to followers, always be sure to send back a thank you note through reply option.
Never be rude to others. If other people mention your account, you must send a thank-you note with the appropriate response as well as reference of what was in original tweet so that it may be tweeted back through mention of their account. In case the response is not positive, then it is better to do it as direct message so that rudeness is not spread across the twitasphere. Curse words or symbols may happen in most communities and may become confusing sometimes, so you must avoid pasting such words on posts.
There are certain grammar rules that need to be followed while posting tweets. You need to share your message in a tweet which is 140 characters long. That is why most readers abbreviate words and use numbers or letters while replacing full words when necessary. However, everybody prefer to understand quickly what they are reading. It is better to avoid shortening of message until and and unless it is required urgently.
Although there exist certain tweeters who use texting formats which are acceptable if the majority of followers perform the same and these people are the only target audience. It is easy to read and understand full text sentences. If you are not using proper grammar, it may give the impression that the sender is not literate.
While receiving a great quote, good article link or other information from a follower, you must feel free to share it with your followers via a retweet or custom tweet. There are several on-line article sites and blogs that have a button set up where you can instantly share a link to the article as a tweet if logged into a Twitter account. If during a twitter search for a particular topic, you must retweet it too. You must also check out the original tweeter by clicking their account name to see if they present lot of relevant information.
Never spam. It is better to share. Sending several tweets can get you labeled a spammer. There are some people who send a tweet after every one or two minutes. People unfollow or block these multiple tweeters. You must always avoid engaging in such process.
If someone sends a question, then you must be polite to answer back especially if you have something relevant to share back.