The Benefits of Extending Your Domain Age

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A search engine’s ultimate goal is to find the best way to present the most relevant search results to its users. As such, Google and the search engines employ over 400 new changes to their ever-growing algorithms every year to help combat potentially spammy and illegitimate websites from ranking well. One method for identifying potentially legitimate websites over illegitimate sites is a website’s domain age and registration length.

A website’s domain age is something that cannot be manipulated or faked, which is why the search engines place greater weight on older domains and domains with longer registration dates. The older the domain generally means that more time, money, and resources have gone into it. Websites that are attempting to manipulate the search results typically have a short life span, with the webmasters understanding that one day soon their website may be banned from the results. Therefore, it isn’t cost effective to register a domain for years knowing that one day soon that website will no longer rank.

Register your domain for as long as possible; the longer the better. Google, Yahoo, and MSN will be able to see the extended registration date, which will help your rankings in both the short and long term. It shows the search engines that you are dedicated to the domain and the future of its development. In one case, we have seen a client’s website go from outside the top 100, to top 20 within several weeks! Have a question regarding domain age and registration length? Please feel free to contact RankPay support.