Blogging Platforms

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Blogging represents a famous method for representing your ideas in front of readers in the form of text and words. It may prove simple enough for choosing a blogging platform as well as get started. In case, you take on your blog seriously, then you have to choose the blogging platform in a careful manner. There exist several platforms to choose from. It may prove to be a bit confusing which platforms are the right place to perform and which are not. Some of the great blogging platforms are mentioned below:-

  1. Blogspot or Blogger- Blogspot which is also known as Blogger, represents Google’s blogging platform. As expected from Google, it is a very user friendly platform. This platform is the most popular platform and is one of the first blogging platforms that help a lot in making it easy to use. This blogging platform serves the purpose of blogging free of cost.
  2. Hubpages- This is just like a social networking site rather than a strict blogging platform. It varies from other platforms such as Blogger. Hubpages represent a perfect place if you wish to earn money since the platform is built for helping you to network, link as well as add in things to eventually help you earn revenue free of cost.
  3. Squidoo- Squidoo is very much similar to Hub Pages as it also words like social networking site. You create lenses that are really just pages on varied topics. You can merge them together and then link them to other lenses. The process is very easy to use when you get a hang of it. It also allows the user to make easy money and that too at no cost.
  4. Typepad- This platform is more that of a traditional one. The platform isn’t free of cost, but the cost involved in it is too low that can be paid once in every month or year. The features available purely depend on the package which you purchase. It is very simple to use, even for a beginner. It is one of the simplest platform for usage as there is no technical part aspect of creating a typepad blog.
  5. WordPress:- This blogging platform is very similar to Blogger in several ways. WordPress comes second in terms of ranking when compared to Blogger. WordPress is a bit more technical, thus novice users may find it tricky for getting stated. However, after getting started, it is very easy to use this platform for sharing your blogging experience.

Thus, all the above blogging platforms have some or the other unique property in them. Choose the right one that suits your tastes.