Building Back-links with Articles

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Till today, article marketing has remained one of the sought-after marketing concept for driving in the traffic to the website. However, there exist certain tips that must be used for getting most out of those back-links.

  • Never copy the content- Never use the same article which you are submitting to article directories which you have already used on your own site. Otherwise, the search engines will consider it as duplicate content. Instead, you need to re-write the article through a varied point of view so that you gain something unique in both locations.
  • Submit the unique article to varied article directories- Submit your article to different article directories like ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com, GoArticles.com etc.
  • Try to avoid automatic submission services- There exist several services which ensure that they will submit your articles to thousands of article directories online. Majority of the article directories aren’t created equal, thereby leaving a few to obtain attention on the search engine results page on a continuous basis. Try to save your money through manual submission to article directories. The best way to go for is to submit the article manually to top article directories and then select few ‘niche’ directories.
  • Always link directly to your own website- While creating an author’s biography, never ever enter an affiliate link in this area. You need to get a link back to your website and not build back-links to the affiliate site. Moreoever, you must also try to get a link which contains a keyword which you wish your site to rank well.
  • Never ever just link to your homepage- For obtaining most out of back-links, you must use a keyword that is within the link back to your site. Moreover, that link must point to specific page on your site where you have mentioned about the keyword.
  • Never limit your article to limited article directories- There are several number of ezines online that need content. You can get hundreds to thousands of visitors to your website at no cost to you. It is best to use Directoryof Ezines.com for finding new spots wherein you can submit your articles.
  • Seek for niche article directories- Never try to adhere to certain directories like ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com etc. You need to seek out an article site which specially caters to niche topic.
  • Make your articles pull double-duty- Once you have articles written and have placed on your own site or even you have submitted to article directories, then don’t stop there. Take out those articles, organize them as well as create an ebook out of them to give away on your own website. You can even submit your free e-books to sites like free-ebooks.net and getfreebooks.com. Remember, within the ebooks, you can place links to affiliate products.
  • Use the same articles as well as place them into a varied format which in turn can be used to share online. You can make them into a video, add that video to popular sites, convert it into a slideshow as well as submit it to places like Slideshare.net.

Through usage of above ways, you can get maximum exposure for your website.