Choosing the Email Marketing Software

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None of the online business can achieve success without the help of email marketing. Several people are of the opinion that it is very crucial to have a web site but it is only one step in creation of successful online presence. You need to stay in touch of your clients as well as prospects. You must have a two way communication along with the clients and prospects and the best method for performing the task is to have an email newsletter. For sending emails to your customers, you must have right email marketing software.

There are certain steps to follow while choosing email marketing software. The very first thing to notice while choosing the software is whether the it is free or fee based software. There are various people who aren’t in the habit of purchasing things on internet mainly non-tangible items like software and services. That’s the reason that some people never realize the importance of email marketing and thus, are satisfied with free service.

Having a free version of email marketing software leaves you with limited options. If you wish to use advanced options like personalization, email tracking, sending sms, using CSV files, you need to chose a paid version of email marketing software.

Free softwares like Group mail have limitation on number of subscribers per session. In this case, you will be able to send your email newsletter to hardly 100 subscribers in one go whereas in case of paid version, you can reach unlimited number of lists. Thus, a fee based email marketing software is needed for your business email campaigns.

While buying email marketing software, you need to consider the following points.

  1. Personalization- It is one of the most crucial aspect which email marketing software need to offer. A good personalization will offer better open rates as well as click through rates. There are several paid versions of email marketing softwares like Group mail that offer maximum personalization for varied users.
  2. Monitoring- While zeroing on the email marketing software, you must pay heed whether the software offers the ability for detailed reports for open rates, click thru rates as well as deliverability. It is crucial to measure the results of what software provides.
  3. Scalability- One of the major features of modern software is scalability. The software must be able to handle the long term membership base of the clients.
  4. Creating HTML newsletters- Mostly, HTML newsletters have better response rates as against email newsletters that are in plain-text format, thus it is also a crucial aspect of choosing your email marketing software. Without sending your email newsletter in HTML, you may not be able to do email tracking.
  5. Integration with existing applications and databases- The software must pose the ability to import data from existing applications and databases such as SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, FoxPro as well as Excel Moreover, it may be very useful as it can be merged with popular email clients such as MS-Outlook.




In short, it is better to go for paid version of email marketing software rather than free version.