Creating a blog without spending a penny

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If you are on the lookout of a blog for churning out revenues without having to invest a single penny, then you are putting your right step on the right path. One of the major benefits of blogging represents an extremely high return on investment. The kind of highest rated platforms that are available are free and even owning as well as hosting your own domain does costs next to nothing. Some of the easiest steps for getting your blog up and running are:-

Firstly, you must choose the right topic and right name before thinking to create a blog. In case, you wish for making money with your blog, it is crucial. The kind of topic that your blog is about needs to allure people who aren’t just going to be readers but also buyers. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to make products for selling to them. Infact, you will be earning money on your blog through advertising or promotion of other people’s products.

After thinking about the topic which will earn you money, you have to choose a name for your blog. The very title of your blog will eventually become your domain name. Thus, making the smartest move very early in the game, you need to choose a domain name that is very search engine friendly. This will in turn get you visitors to your site in the near future straight from the search engines, thus you don’t have to pay for advertising at all. For performing this, you have to think about what your visitors might type into Google for finding out what you offer. After this, you need to incorporate a few couple of those words within the domain that you choose.

After finally being ready in actual set-up of your blog, you will need to install wordpress that constitutes the best blogging platform as well as register your domain. However, for performing such a task, you need not have to worry at all as this isn’t as difficult as it sounds.