Creation of Back-links

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Have you obtained bolded keywords when compared to actual name of the website? Have you written some good content that contains your keywords?      Is this end of optimization or more? The answer lies in more. The very next step is off page optimization. It means getting back-links back to your website that is just as effective as your actual on-page optimization.

However, there is a warning. There exist services out there which will help create thousands of links back to your website from varied other sites. But you need to stay away from them. Google as well as other search engines have started penalizing people for purchasing links in bulk.

When it comes to search engine optimization, the very key to off-page optimization is content. For example- you have written an ebook on a certain subject, then you have to take out the content from it and then break it into 600-800 words article that includes back-link to your website as well as post the article to top ten article directories. Going on more than ten will often overkill. By doing a Google search, you may also find article directories specializing in issues within your niche. That’s the best way for getting the back-links.

You have to make sure your keyword is the first word or even words your article title. It must also be Google friendly. Majority of the articles that are featured by article directories do end up in top results of search engines. Thus, if you wish to create an article that makes use of primary and highly searched for keywords, you may rank well in those same search engines for some of those most competitive keywords within your niche.

There is an extra advantage. Mostly, if not, all article directories does allow other internet marketers as well as webmasters for reprinting your articles in together with your resource box as well as links it contains thus generating additional back-links from every website reprinting your content.

After that, you have to post the article on your blog. You may even chose to post a teaser on your blog along with a link to the rest of your article or even articles on the directories mentioned above.