How to design a Forum Avtaar

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For getting the people on the forum post which you have written, you need to get a sense of recognition and personality. Thus, it is crucial to design a forum avatar for establishing your internet presence. There are several options to be used while designing an avatar.

The first option is to use your own face as an avatar. Using your own face on the forum is the best bet. If you wish to stay completely anonymous, then they do not use your own face. While a facial recognition search engine never exists, but one day everything puts up on the internet. While deciding your face, you need to decide how professional you would like to look. In case, you are engaging in any professional way, then it is best to suggest wearing a suite.  In other cases, wear such clothing which suits best your personality.

Secondly, you need to use something cool. It is the best way to reflect your personality. In case, you are little nebbish but good-hearted, then Martin’s avatar is appropriate.

Thirdly, use something symbolic. You can use something which best symbolizes you. For example, in case you are on a religious forum that is devoted to Christianity, then you can use Holy Cross. Moreover, if you have a family or clan crest, then you could use that. In addition to this, if you represent a particular company with a logo, then you could use something that symbolizes your logo. Always be aware in case you are using something symbolic, then you will not be reflecting your personality as much anymore. But, if you are using a symbol, then it poses the same effect as crest on letterhead through making posts seem more formal.

Thus, the above techniques of using forum avatar are best possible techniques to get you recognized to other members of the forum