Determination of Google Page Rank

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Google’s page rank refers to a certain way of ranking web pages in order on search results. The concept involves the most crucial websites to appear on top of search results. You must not be a genius to learn the basic principle of how page ranks works.

Google’s page rank ranges from 0-10. Thus, a website that has just being indexed by Google to achieve a page rank 0. A webmaster must always be trying to achieve a higher page rank on a continuous basis.

A page rank is determined by a web page’s importance, which is in turn calculated by number of other web pages that includes a relevant link to the webpages. If several relevant websites include a link to a web page, then the webpage must be crucial. The keyword that needs to remember is relevancy as Google attaches importance to relevancy. There are several people who try and achieve a higher Google page rank simply by submitting their website to several directories. However, this is not the sole reason for obtaining higher page rank. Thus, getting hundreds of links from web directories that link to thousands of other webpages are less beneficial than just one link from another content related website with a high page rank.

If you wish to obtain a higher page rank in the least possible amount of time, then your best option is to run a Google search through the usage of keywords for your website. For this, you must take a note of top page results and after that visit the high ranking web pages one by one. Write to the webmasters and question them whether you can participate in a link exchange and the answer is likely to be negative. However, the response from paid link exchange may be varied and worth it. Google always pays attention to the title of the link, thus you must make sure to include as many keywords in your link as you can. In case, you do not reap any rewards from talking to webmasters about link exchanges then never think that all is lost.

One of the best methods to reap the benefits of high page rank in Google results is to write good quality articles. One can drop the link of the website somewhere within the article. If your articles are accepted by major directories like ezine, then there is a reason to smile as you are bound to achieve a high page rank in Google results. Moreover, it is not necessary to have several outbound links as few help in reaping the benefits. Google divides the benefit of the site with page rank between all of the other sites which it links to. This means that web directories are not the sole area of getting links for having high page ranks. Submitting new and fresh content on your website helps Google to crawl your website more frequently, thus enhancing its page rank in Google search results