Difference between a Network Marketer and Affiliate Marketer

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You must have come across the terms – network marketer and affiliate marketer, but don’t know who they are?

In simpler terms, affiliate marketer is a person who advertises and markets the products for other people in favor of commission. He can use several advertising avenues such as advertising on their personal website along with text links. He can also do away with email campaigns, article writing or word of mouth.

There are several companies, both small and large that have affiliate programs in place. The affiliate marketer and the merchant enter the agreement for working as partners. It has created a whole new industry on the Internet.

It is an excellent idea for promoting products that you have interest in. If you love to travel, then you can eventually promote airlines, hotels and cruises. You can even market products that are related to fishing hobby or your sport in which you have a passion. There are tremendous opportunities for profits.

Let’s have a look at Network Marketer. The person in this field will be closely associated with direct marketing company and are generally unsalaried. The product of the company isn’t sold in stores and they depend on their sales force for promotion and delivery of the product. The sales force is comprised of distributors, associates, agents, independent business owners as well as consultants.

The entire structure is designed for building a marketing and sales force. When you sell the product or even introduce new people to the company, you are compensated. This creates varied levels of status and compensation.

Both affiliate and network marketer’s, earnings are solely based upon how hard they work and how much efforts they put in their business. Those who work in this industry have found that by working smart as well as mastering the art of great networking strategies, you can eventually earn substantial compensation as well as success.