Discovering the power of LinkedIn for your business

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LinkedIn is a professional networking site wherein a person from all walks of life come together to share their views. The networking site offers opportunity for professionals to make connections that lead to winning new business. However, there are various professionals who fail to use LinkedIn to its full potential. This may be because of the non-existent or non-alluring nature of their profile. Moreover, the professionals may not have an ability to form new, valuable connections.

There exist several tips for using LinkedIn to get clients as well as win new businesses.

Firstly, one needs to make his profile client focused. Resist the temptation of making your profile look like CV. While meeting the potential clients for the first time, do not start brimming about the list of companies that you have worked for, doing this it will bore the clients. The most effective introductions emphasize on who you help, what problems your clients have and helping them at the same time as well as results you achieve. If the clients ask for more, you must give a little backstory telling about why you are uniquely qualified for help. LinkedIn is meant for enhancing business connections, not for recruitment. Thus, you need to design your profile in such a way so as to make impact on those connections. You must treat it like an introduction at a network meeting.

Secondly, one must remember that LinkedIn works on connections. The most powerful usage of this network is to find new clients as well as business partners either directly or via your contacts connections. The more the number of direct connections you have, the more opportunities you will gain to connect. One can come across several profiles on LinkedIn who display very few connections that hardly brings any efforts. You can take the use of LinkedIn toolbar for Outlook that offers an easy way of inviting your Outlook Contacts as well as people whom you email regularly to connect with you.

Thirdly, you must choose your connection strategy properly and with care. There exist two different strategies to connect on LinkedIn. One is ‘Open Networking’ and the other is ‘Trusted Partner Networking’. In case of business networking, the value you get from your network is a product of the size of your network as well as the ability to convert connections into productive businesses. You can enhance the value of your networks by deepening the relationship between you and potential clients.

Fourthly, you need to offer testimonials to get clients. Testimonials give a clear understanding of the quality of work you do as well as the relationships you form. In order to get testimonials, you must first write testimonials to people whom you have worked with as well as those who have done a great job for you. LinkedIn will first ask them to approve and then ask them to reply back. They surely will do the same and write testimonials for you as well.