Dominate the Online Market with Twitter

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If you follow the rules of the game, then dominating the online market with twitter will prove to be a profitable experience. There are several people who use varied techniques to gain followers on twitter. There exist several ways to gain followers as well as finding others to follow you in return.

One of the best ways to follow people on Twitter is to search for those having common interests. An easy way to search people on twitter is to use search.twitter.com. Firstly, you have to search for friends and not several business related people. You have to build friendships online for getting traffic to your site but keep in mind to not follow more than 40 people in 3 days. This is due to the fact that people will commence thinking that you are involved in social media for business.

Another way for gaining more people to follow you is to have RSS feeds connected with your blogs, articles as well as videos. Having RSS feeds keeps a track of your tweets. The RSS feeds help in posting your advertisement automatically without even logging into your twitter account several times a day. After the set up of RSS feeds, you need to visit the site only once in a week as well as post something that isn’t business related. Posting tweets everyday helps people follow you as you pose to be an active member.

For churning out more followers, you must have information posted which is both interesting and informative. You must be sure that the blogs as well as other posts that are being posted on Twitter are up to date as well as informative. There are several good sites for obtaining information that are like- alltop.com, popurls.com, dig.com etc.

The most crucial thing to do is to follow back the person when he follows you. This way, you can display showing your interest in gaining friends online. It also pose a nice jester for returning the favors. One of the best technique greet the follower is to send an automatic welcome message. It can be done through the use of tweetlater.com. This site allows to send message every time someone follows you on twitter. All you need to say is to- thanks for following me as I look forward to networking or chatting with you later.

If you are involved in a business, then the most crucial things to remember is to return favors, talk to people, get involved as well as create relationships online. In case you have particular blogs, articles or videos which you need to get exposed to several people, you just have to ask someone who is following you to re-tweet. In short, it refers to that you are asking them to repost it on their profile so that their followers see it. In lieu of this, you need to retweet a message of importance which is being advertised by a your certain follower on the twitter network