Do and Dont of website designing for effective internet marketing

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Although there exist several elements to ensure effective internet marketing, website design can never be ignored. For a good website design, you need to consider certain pros and cons of it.

Firstly, you must make your site as simple as well as clutter free as possible. By making home-page or landing page having lot of stuff may discourage a visitor to explore the site further. Several images and videos at the same time may also contribute to slow loading time which can be further discouraging for a site user. It also means that your website is devoid of color and life. It means that all enhancements must be used in moderation as well as in harmony with other elements on the page.

Always use readable font as well as white spaces. This is due to the fact that eyes absorb information that is far better when the text is spaced as per guidelines. Moreover, you would wish that the most relevant information will jump right in front of reader and you will have to use font sizes that are quite large enough for serving this purpose.

Thirdly, never make a visitor jump through hoops just for the sake of navigating your site. There exists yet another trademark of being a good website so that visitors come flocking to your site every now and then is to use a user-friendly interface. Buttons, arrows as well as links must be positioned in such a manner so that the site users know how to obtain which page and back.

Fourthly, avoid using vague wordings. Elegant as well as flowery words are a big no when it comes to website. You need to go straight and to the point. For example, if you wish the reader to subscribe to your free travel brochure, then commence using words like ‘Sign Up Now’ button. It will have a far better effect than using ‘Start your adventure Now’.

Websites that are pretty good and most importantly include cool factor, then you can come across thousands of web designers and developers which can help you with that. In case you wish that your site does not only have aesthetic appeal but also pose usability, then it is necessary to have relevant content and good foundation for effective internet marketing. You can use the above checklist when you are starting off on the right foot.