Donts of Blogging

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Blogging plays a crucial part of earning an income online. Some of the most popular blogging platforms are Google Blogger and Word press. Both of the platforms are excellent for hosting blogs and can eventually turn into success. You will come across new blogs as well as existing blogs but there are certain things that you shouldn’t forget for inclusion.

Firstly, never rely on another marketer’s blog. While it is a good thing for commenting as well as participating on other blogs, it shouldn’t be the sole way to blog. You need to set up your own blog alo0ng with ideas as well as topic. Simply participating on others’ blogs will churn out money for them and not yours.

Secondly, never be all over the place. You just need to focus and that too on one topic. You need to find your niche as well as stick to it. In case, you happen to find another interesting topic. You have to simply commence on another blog. This will bring you both incomes as well as money.

Thirdly, don’t create a paper cutter blog. The blog that you make must be unique and stand alone from other blogs. Add a dash of your own style to the template as well as layout. Add personality to your postings. Your visitors will eventually start liking what they read if it contains even a hint of who you really are.

Fourthly, never try to write a blog on the subject which you lack knowledge about. Blogs require fresh content on constant basis. In case you blog on a subject which you do not know then it won’t get several visitors. You need to blog on something in which you have passion about as well as knowledge.

Fifthly, never ignore comments that others post on your blog. If someone comments on your blog, then at least thank him for doing so. If they commented in addition to the post, then keep the conversations going. You must always invite them for continuing the conversation. The more active you are on the blog, the more the people will enjoy visiting it. Repeat visitors will eventually form an asset for raising your exposure as well as income potential.

Sixthly, never forget a way for contacting you as well as following you. You can never obtain leads if you don’t have a sign up form. You can never get followers if you don’t have ‘Follow Me’ Button for the visitors who keep on visiting. For having good amount of traffic, you need to keep the faithful readers well informed.

Seventhly, never leave out keywords. This is because keywords as well as tags draw automatic traffic to your blog. You need to chose them in a careful manner as well as target them to the post. In case, you have a blog on parenting, you have to post a piece on back to school, choose keywords which fits in the topic of your post etc.