Driving traffic with Stumbleupon

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If you have a website but no one clicks on it or you are not getting any traffic to your site, then the site is going to die very soon. For driving traffic to your website, you can use free social bookmarking tool like Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon is a website that allows its visitors for discovering interesting web pages as well as sites without indulging in search in search engines. You just need to install a toolbar in your browser as well as channel surf the website by clicking a button on tool bar. There are several great reasons for using Stumbleupon to attract free traffic to various marketing strategies.

The first great reason is that Stumbleupon traffic is free of cost. Firstly, you need to set up an account on Stumbleupon by signing up and installing a small toolbar on your internet browser. There is no fees and no upsells. All you need to do is to surf the internet the way you do. After finding an interesting website, click on ‘I Like Button’ on the toolbar. You just need to fill in a few details of your website and include tags in it. After this step, Stumbleupon indexes the website and saves it in its database. Now your website is on display. Thus, you can see how much traffic is generated with Stumbleupon.

The Stumbleupon traffic is targeted traffic. If the visitors visit another website that is tagged the same and hit Stumble button, they will be shown your website along with others that have been tagged the same. This is called targeted traffic and is often the best traffic that you get.

The traffic generated by Stumbleupon stays on your website for a longer period. This can be proved by statistics which show that the Stumbleupon traffic has the lowest bounce rate on Internet. The type of traffic that you want shows that the longer they stay the more likely they will find something on your niche marketing website that they wish to purchase.

The traffic obtained by Stumbleupon represents international traffic. This is because unlike stumbleupon’s rivals like Digg and Reditt which mainly cater to white middle-class European background, stumbleupon has no such limits and brings traffic from all over the world.

One of the major problems of using other Social Bookmarking sites for promotion of website is that most of them tend to have little cliques as well as groups who stick all together as well as vote together. Thus, even if the post is rubbish, it can be promoted to the front page of sites like dig and reditt and the readers can bury it. However, due to the absence of larger groups voting together in Stumbleupon, your website is more likely to be adjudged by its merits. Thus, even if you don’t spam the system, you are bound to get traffic from Stumbleupon.

While takes a month or two to get your website indexed by Google and Yahoo, Stumbleupon starts indexing your website immediately. Thus, it is possible to commence getting traffic straightaway on Stumbleupon