What is Drupal

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Drupal refers to Open-Source Web Development Framework or Content Management System which is written in the programming language PHP. It has become a preferred choice of several organizations around the world.

Drupal provides several excellent features and that is why several top websites are running on Drupal Development services. From small personal blogs to major corporate websites, Drupal is used extensively as a back end system for variety of websites. There are several service providers that are working in the field of Drupal developmet services as well as providing services that are based around Drupal. Such services include drupal installation, drupal upgrade, drupal theming, drupal module development, drupal consultancy etc. A reliable drupal hosting offers enjoyment to you through constant online presence without any form of interruption.
Standard Drupal provides key features which include RSS feeds, administration menus, blogging, forums and the ability to register individual accounts. Not only this, you can even customize the layout as well as create interactive community website. Outstanding Drupal hosting makes sure that all website visitors can participate in forums and communities at any time of either day or night.
Drupal makes use of a database for comprising all the website’s content and combines textual content bthrough help of internet site template design in an effort for creation of web site pages. The administrator page allows the website administrator for logging in as well as having control over your complete web site for creation of menu structures that include modules, new pages etc.
With the help of Drupal several webpreneurs design new features as well as customize behavior that is added by third parties. Third parties can participate in several website features that is customizable by you, from any part of the world. With the help of sophisticated programming interface, you need not be a programmer for handling basic Drupal website installation and administration. You need to create your own interactive website as well as make selection of dependable drupal hosting for online success.
Running drupal is very easy. Drupal runs on several computing platforms. It requires web server that runs PHP including Apache, nginx, Lighttpd and IIS. You also need a database that is PostgreSQL, MySQL for storing settings and content. After knowing whether the basic requirements are meant or not, you accomplish the task of building your website and choose the best Drupal web hosting service.
One of the drupal’s most powerful options is that it makes possible the registration of customers and offer accepted users entry to website menus as well as pages that may not be seen to the final public. The person registration as well as consumer login system can be utilized for offering your employees get access to employee-solely pages or even providing your clients entry to customer-only pages and even sales representative’s entry to their own space.
Through drupal, you can easily e-mail all registered users by maintaining teams of people using your website informed. In case, you don’t wish to perform person registration, then there is only one way that is to disable this drupal technique.