Effective Link Wheel Strategy

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Among the best ways for raising page rank and to move your website up the search engine rankings is creation of link wheel. A link wheel represents a set of Web 2.0 blogs as well as sites which link to each other as well as to your main website. The main website will look like a hub of this wheel along with web 2.0 blogs linking to it as sort of spokes on a wheel.

There following is the simple link wheel strategy that is used to enhance the website exposure.

In the first place, you need to select 10 Web 2.0 blog real estates. You need to perform a simple search online and thus will eventually find a list of varied properties that can be used. WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo as well as Weebly represent some of the few that can be used. You need to feel free to use whichever you like. You have to sign up and then open a new account at each Web 2.0 blog.

After opening your new account, you have to place an article on each blog. The best way to make the technique effective is to create 10 separate articles as well as use unique one on every blog. Make sure that in each article, you need to include your main sites and main keywords so that you can hyperlink those words back to your website. This is why it is named as Link Wheel.

After you have all articles published and linked to correct places, you must make sure that those blogs need to get indexed in search engines. For performing this task, you have to ping each one and doesn’t hurt to run a bookmarking campaign on each as well. There are some people who use RSS feed for raising the number of back-links that point to pieces of property.