Some Fool Proof Tips for getting more Twitter Followers

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Twitter represents the social networking site for online marketers. Twitter is very easy to use and is very effective for creating relationships as well marketing online and thus has become one of the most widely used tools for online marketing. It can, thus be used by anyone who has something to market online from network marketers to bloggers. In short, if you must do any sort of business online, then Twitter can prove to be an excellent tool for your usage.

But twitter is only effective with the number of followers which you have. In case, you don’t have enough people to follow you, then you are pretty much wasting your time and money. Thus, the more number of people following you on twitter, the better it is.

The only question that people tend to ask is how to get more people following me. There are certain tips that are really working and that are:-

  • Follow People First- Around 50%of the people whom you follow will follow you back , so when you sign up you wish to commence as many people as possible. Twitter allows you for following 2000 people before you cut off. However, if you wish to follow more than 2000 people, then you are provided the right to follow. The rule applies to those individuals who keep on following everyone in hope of getting followed back. They just don’t simply wish to be abused. In case, out of 2000 people, you get followed by around 1000 people, then it is a great start. But make sure to follow only those people who are relevant to what you are marketing.
  • Secondly, you need to say something without repeating. This means that if you get someone to re-tweet your original tweet, then it will offer you some extra exposure as it will show up on their twitter page also. Although, you may not be able to know what someone will wish to RT but you can be sure to be on right track through putting good quality tweets. As it happens sometimes that some funny or silly write-ups can be re-tweeted, all it depends on the type of audience.
  • Thirdly, be a little conversational. Twitter represents a social network. It isn’t meant to be a place for saying things but it is a place for interacting well. In case, you aren’t in conversation with, then you are a big loser on Twitter. Moreover, when someone talks to you, your username must show up on their page that might cause other people to pay attention to you as well as follow you back.

·        Fourthly, you must have good quality content. If you have exceptional content on your twitter posts, then you are more likely to be followed on Twitter. Tweet things that may prove helpful, like some tips, insipirational quotes etc. But never throw out your link after every one or two posts. If you do this, then people will eventually start un-following you and will consider your profile as spam.