Using Forums for Building your reputation

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If you like talking to people within your niche, then forum marketing is the best place for you. Forums offer endless opportunities to enjoy interacting with fellow marketers as well as spending time through learning new tricks which you haven’t considered beforehand. Forum is a great place to build up the reputation as well as create a brand which eventually helps you in making sales down the road.

Before starting on, you need to find right forum that exists within your niche. You must look out for those forums having more than 5,000 members and threads with more than 1,000 replies and oldest post being at least 3-4 years old. This is because it ensures a good history as well as lot of good Google rankings on account of its threads.

Also remember that the forums you are participating in must allow you for posting a signature link at the bottom of each of your post. Such signature links help you in placing links back to your website as well as getting traffic from any posts that you make.

When you commence writing posts on forums, then you need to look out for threads having valid questions as well as engaged in content and placed for you to make a post. It isn’t suggested to find the longest thread or post in ‘Yeah’ type comments. You must find threads which are filled with valid commentary and after that expand on it with your own.

The last but not the least step is to add value to the forum. It means offering as much as you are getting in favor of it. You need to write a few comments which simply agree with the writer of the post. However, there is a need for creating your post as well as those for other writers, thus helping other commenters who seek help. It is good to look out for ways for becoming a helpful member of the community. This way people will eventually commence to take notice of you.