Foursquare- An Introduction

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It was in early October when a relatively unknown application known as FourSquare was released in UK. In July, 2010, it hit over 2 million users and is growing at the rate of 15,000 users per week. Before venturing on further details, let us know what it is and how it can benefit your business.

Foursquare refers to a mobile application along with various facets that includes :-

  • Ø Social Media Networking Application
  • Ø Game
  • Ø Map and exploration tool
  • Ø Business Application –web marketing

In short, Foursquare is an application which uses geo location, that is it uses your phone, internal GPS for locating where you are.

Foursquare is based around what is termed as checking in. This way you can check in almost any venue, bars, clubs and restaurants. You can send little messages to your friends explaining about you location, what you are doing as well as what is going on at the venue, that is messages include everything from dawn to dusk in a brief manner.

The game element includes receival of points which calculates how many times you check in at a certain venue. You can collect badges as well as awards for your continued loyalty to a particular destination. In case, you check into a place often, then you can easily become the mayor of the venue. It means that you have checked in more than anyone else and it also refers to discounts and vouchers.

Foursquare encourages people discovering new areas in their neighborhood. In case, you happen to be at a loss for what do a certain day, run the application and see what your friends are up to or even what is available to do in local area.

Not only this, foursquare will prove to be a valuable tool for both online and offline businesses as a web marketing tool. Posing as a business owner, you can involve your customers through providing them discounts and prizes when they check in for using Foursquare. Always make sure to offer special attention to the mayor of the venue. This will eventually help encourage business and possible raise in visiting customers.