Some Golden Rules for using Forums

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Forum marketing is one of the best and most effective ways of internet marketing strategies. No other strategy is cheaper than forum marketing. But you need to go into it with right attitude and realistic expectations. There are certain golden rules which you need to follow for making forum marketing a successful strategy.

Firstly, make an avatar. Avatars run a crucial role of anyone’s profile. Make your avatar a unique and recognizable at the first glance. You can even use the same avatar on multiple forums and social networks. Just fill in as much information as you can to make the profile worth display. Never forget to use your signature for linking to your website.

Secondly, you must read the rules of the forum as well as follow them. Never violate any forum rules. Always take time to read through the discussions for getting an idea of how people converse.

Thirdly, you must offer free advice on forums but at the cost of time and energy. Most people do this in the expectation of their favor getting returned, so they shun out those people who take without anything to give.

Fourthly, always make sure to offer a full baked reply to the members of the forum. Always tell the member that they can learn more if they follow the link to your page. Never hold back any opinion. If you have an expert opinion, then you must show it.

Fifthly, always make sure that you state your agreement with someone else by making sure that you provide additional support to their agreement.

Sixthly, never post about your own web site as well as products until and unless there is a direct response to a request for information. In case, you wish to promote yourself, then always take use your signature.

Seventhly, explain yourself in brief. Make your argument in a straightway manner and then back it up with support. This way, people who are interested in your initial thought will read more and those who aren’t interested will skip your comments and move on to next thread. Always keep sentences and paragraphs short with plenty of white space.

In the eighth rule, if your argument is wrong, then you must have the courage to accept it. It is attention grabbing when a poster on internet forum displays that a certain person is wrong.

The ninth rule states that you must write cleverly and correctly. Everything you say and everything you post represents your personal brand. If you don’t pay any attention to it, it can undermine everything else which you do.

Seeking the tenth place, negativity is a big no. In case, someone disagrees with you, you must respond with a thoughtful disproof or even thank them for their opinion. But if someone attacks you deliberately, you must either thank him or ignore him entirely.

Forum marketing is a long term strategy as it takes time to become a well respected member of the community of people. Thus, you must build up your reputation over time by posting sincere and honest comments on forums.