Google Adwords Keywords

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Google Adwords Keywords refer to the words which internet advertisers use for drawing in potential customers and also the words which they have researched as well as identified as being the best for driving in their ads and providing them with maximum amount through pay per clicks.

Whenever certain internet user goes out for looking something on the world wide web through usage of Google’s search engine after entering in their search criteria as well as clicking the search button and providing with a list of relevant words that will be shown usually on the right hand side of the screen, sometimes above the main search results that are also known as sponsored links.

The order in which such paid-for listings is displayed is dependent on other advertisers’ bids as well as the quality score for a given search of all ads shown. Based on the historical click through rates, quality scores are calculated. The relevance of the advertiser’s ad that incorporates both text as well as keywords, the advertisers’ account history as well as others deemed relevant and also decided by Google.

Google makes use of this quality score for setting up a minimum bid for an advertiser’s keywords.

There are several key elements which need to be taken into consideration for determining the quality score. These are:-

  • Landing Page Quality
  • Navigability
  • Relevancy
  • Originality of Content
  • Transparency

Although Google has market out a complete list of guidelines for sites, but the exact formula as well as meaning of relevance and its definition still remains secret with Google.

Let’s have a look at the history of Google Adwords:-

The original idea of Google adword keyword tool is to borrow it from Yellow Pages. Google has wished as well as tried to purchase the idea; however, a mutually beneficial deal may not be struck.

The company launched its own solution Adwords in 2000, sensing a potentially lucrative opportunity which does not wish to lose out on this form of advertisement. The adwords model was deemed significantly similar leading to legal action that involves two parties and in the ultimate manner, the dispute was settled out of the court.

In the initial terms, Adwords advertisers paid a monthly amount with Google setting up as well as managing their campaigns. Google soon introduced the Adwords self-service portal for accommodating small businesses as well as those who wished to manage their own campaigns.

In year 2005, Jumpstart, a campaign management service provider was introduced for helping out the advertisers set up their campaigns and companies needing assistance in terms of hiring third-party service provider.

In 2005, Google launched the Google Advertising Professional program. It certified companies as well as individuals on completion of adwords training programme as well as on successful passing of examination.

Google revised its Adword interface in year 2009 through introduction of Local Business ads for Google maps as well as video ads.