Using Google Chrome as a Browser

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Being an internet marketer, you have to use the most effective browser. In simple terms, an effective browser is far more than a mere fast browser but being the one which offers several capabilities that aren’t found in other browsers. Google Chrome remains the best pick when it comes to browsers. It isn’t only that Google Chrome is faster than Internet explorer and Firefox, but it also offers a varied number of extensions for helping you in your Internet marketing namely with your search engine optimization marketing.

Here, you will see reviews of top 3 Google Chrome extensions.

Firstly, it is Kuber Page Rank Checker that checks the Page rank of the websites. If you are new to Internet marketing, the Page Rank is the algorithm which Google uses for determining the importance of a web page through assigning of a numerical value. All those web pages which Google considers crucial will eventually receive a higher page rank. Moreover, the web pages which Google considers crucial are very likely to appear in top search results. It is worthy to note that the amount of incoming links or even votes form a crucial factor in determining a Web page’s Page Rank. Google doesn’t only take account of number of links or even votes but also includes the emphasis placed on each page for casting a vote.

Secondly, it is SEO Quake that provides number of features for assisting any Internet marketer along with his or her SEO techniques as well as strategies. After its installation, SEO Quake will eventually tell you with a number of SEO- off page factors in relation to a web page that involves page rank, age of domain, incoming links as well as Alexa rankings. Such extension will also tell you about a number of SEO- on page factors like keyword density.

Thirdly, it is Google Global. Its extensions will let you see search results from other countries. The extension is very convenient for any of the people. Without the help of such extensions, it gets very different search results. Through usage of Google Global, you can oversee the same search results that are seen in varied states as well as countries.