Google Link Building Preferences for ranking a website

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Behind every website’s search engine success, link building plays a crucial role. However, performing the task of link building will only be possible when you understand the technical factors behind it.

Among all the segments that a professional link builder keeps in mind is the knowledge of Google algorithm as well as its criteria of offering a website Search engine rank offers the most crucial task.

Google keeps on changing its algorithm on a certain interval and as per its criteria of search engine ranking, also changes.

As per the latest patent application, Google has set its ranking criteria in the following manner:

  1. Analysis Link Weight- Google first analyses the weight of a link through the freshness of the webpage where the link is actually posted. Moreover, it is very much needed to see the relevancy of the link with that page along with date when the link was actually posted.
  2. Nature of Anchor Text- Google verifies the nature of anchor text which the website has in relation to the content of the website. It is a crucial factor behind a website’s ranking success.
  3. Spam detection- As per Google, all non-discretion links are considered as spam. Google has defined Spam in three ways that is purchasing links, exchanging links as well as posting links without discretion of posting links.
  4. Freshness of Back-Links:- Google is the habit of preferring fresh link posted on old webpages that add a lot of organic value to the website.
  5. The speed as well as trend of appearance and disappearance of links to/from a website decides its ranking.
  6. Google is always in the process of checking the speed of developing backlinks for a website There may be too high or too low pace of backlink building affects the organic search result of a website.
  7. Stability of links also play a key role. Links having more stability to the concerned webpages receive more value from Google rather than having links with low stability rate.
  8. The date of new backlink’s inception
  9. The date when the baklink got disappeared.




If the above discussed points are kept in mind, then it becomes quite easy to ride the search engine paradigm. This is because, a combination of good knowledge as well as strategic link building services will definitely do wonders for a website. No matter how much experience you have and what your requirements are, for smashing the competitors from search results, the primary aspect which you need to keep in mind are Google’s preferences behind offering you a website search engine rank.