What is Google Page Rank

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Page Rank refers to one of those Internet Marketing terms that Google has made popular. Page Rank refers to a value that Google gives to a web page which is based on the importance of page which is based on the importance of page. Pge Rank has eventually become a trademark of Google and offers the basis of Google’s web search.

Page Rank is calculated by the number of incoming links to that web. In short, this method describes the link structure between varied web pages and interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote made by Page A for Page B. It is not that the number of votes are relevant but the page that makes the vote is quoted. Using this method, each web page is assigned a value from 1 to 10. This scale is logarithmic just like Richter Scale.
Google gets regularly over 65% of all search traffic on Internet. If you take a total of 10 websites that are optimized for the same keywords, you will find that the page with highest page rank would show higher rank in search engine results.
One of the first key rule for increasing Google Page Rank is to increase the number of back links that you have been pointing to your website. This is because the more back links you have that points back to your website, the more traffic you will get.
Another method to raise your website’s page rank in Google search results is to try getting your links on high quality web pages. It refers to getting your link on pages that have been ranked as high as or higher than yours. This way, some of the page rank will be transferred to you and this will ultimately help raise the page rank of your site.
There are several other ways for raising page rank. Some widely accepted methods are posting content in discussion forums, article marketing, directory submission, commenting on blogs, distributing press releases etc.
In addition to getting links to your home page, you may also try obtaining deep links. It refers to linking to internal pages on your website as opposed to linking to your home page.
One must remember that the PR displayed on the Google toolbar is not up to date. Although Google keep on updating the page rank of web pages internally, the toolbar is updated every few months.
Several webmasters place too much emphasis on obtaining links from high ranking websites, it is not good as Google always checks to see if your links are natural and whether the links are obtained from one type of site or high PR sites. In this case, Google will devalue them to a great extent.
Moreover, a huge pile of pages to your website in a short time can hurt your ranks in Google’s eyes and will get your website thrown in sandbox. If this happens, then no matter how well your PR is on site, you will never rank for any of the terms.