Some great sources of Inbound Links

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Having inbound links is the most crucial part of marketing your online business on the web. There are some of the greatest sources of inbound links:-

  1. Directories:- Directories represent one of the oldest tools on the web world when it comes to SEO. They work in the same manner as they had always done. A key to remember is that it is quite hard to get listed in the directory as all entries are manually checked as well as placed to make sure that the information is accurate. Google respects such placement and rewards sites with good back-links. The top two directories are DEMOZ and Yahoo. While DEMOZ is free of cost, Yahoo requires payment to be listed. DEMOZ requires weeks to months to get listed in. There are several other directories that are available at a small fee.
  2. Blogs and Forums:- By commenting on others’ blogs forms a great way for developing back-links. The goal is find industry blogs as well as forums that use the ‘follow’ tags. It will eventually help in getting quality links. While working on forums, it is essential to make sure that you offer value to the site. On blogs, you will need to comment in a frequent manner as well as use links for checking in your username as well as references.
  3. Article Directories:- Article marketing offers a plethora of good back-links. You need to write articles for posting on sites such as Ezinearticles, GoArticles, Buzzle or Easy articles and you will find the best back-link from a PR 5+ site. However, due to large volume of content on such sites, backlinks fade away very easily until and unless the articles get a lot of traffic. Thus, repeated postings on sites are essential.
  4. .Edu and .Gov reference sites:- You must post comments and offer the link of your site on such sites. You will come across several affiliate marketing sites that provide trusted site search engines for finding sites which fit the bill. In case, you wish to get a back-link from such sites, they are worth a lot.
  5. Social Media:- A viral blog which posts that spread with the help of Digg, Redditt as well as Facebook will in turn generate quite a few good back-links.           You tube is one such site that offers quite a good page views of your videos.




Thus, with the help of above techniques, you can eventually get good amount of back-links.