Health Check of SEO

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Website relates to a chunk of related webpages shown in the browser. However, this definition is only a tip of the iceberg while the very concept of this theme is wide. A website is more generally a complex system having lots of inner as well as outer mechanisms which are in charge of this performance as well as functioning. Among other things, a site’s rankings purely depend on how fine-tuned as well as good maintained the mechanisms are. Thus, a regular SEO health check is a must for a website for being included into Google’s page one listing.

Some of the most crucial health checks aspects for helping your website shoot to Google’s top are as follows:-

Firstly, it is duplicate content. Unique content for your website is a prime necessity if you wish that your site performs excellently over a wide array of search engines. However, if you perform that as well as progress in your rankings, then you can constantly stay on guard. It may happen that someone steals the content of your website and post on his own. This will majorly affect your website rankings in search results. The search engines pose strictness on duplicate web content. Thus, it is essential to run regular duplicate content checks for eliminating duplicate content issues.

Secondly, you need to review the keywords for good SEO health check. It is essential for running in-depth keyword research as well as unearth the right kind of keywords that paves you the way in dominating the market niche. After that, you have to target some of them for optimizing the webpage elements for. In the final stage, you need to check what kind of SEO benefits such keywords bring in. In case, they don’t bring any, then it is essential to reconsider your on-page optimization strategies as well as try discovering other click-productive keywords.

Thirdly, try avoiding duplicates in titles and meta tags through updating new content on regular basis. By posing the same title or meta tags on more than one page do make a confusion for search engine spiders and make them assume that you are trying to spam search engines for better rankings. Thus it will hamper your search engine rankings when it comes to website’s promotion. For avoiding all such issues, you must analyze your website in far and wide as well as vary all titles and meta descriptions. In case, you properly vary them, it showcases to Google crawlers that your website pages pose real original content.

Thirdly, a website system is under constant up-gradation for having various changes like pages get updated, replaced or even removed in a complete manner leaving behind broken links that are represented as black marks on the body of your website. They take away the credibility of your website as well hold back the ranking progress.  Through checking of your website across the board and getting rid of all broken links not only improves your website’s SEO efficiency but also takes care that the readers’ experience is purely the best.