Important On-Page SEO Secrets for Boosting your Website Rankings

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Search engine Optimization refers to a part of internet marketing which every online marketer must have a grasp of. In simple words, SEO means increase in the website rankings in the SERPS in search engines like Google, Yahoo as well as Bing, thus generating more traffic.

Mainly, there exists two types of search engine optimization techniques that are- on-page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO. Although off-page optimization is a more powerful and efficient way for boosting website rankings, On-page SEO do also has a place in improving your rankings.

In general, On-page SEO means performing the SEO tactics on your website for improving its visibility in the SERPS. Some crucial points to remember for enhancing website traffic are:-

  1. Title Tag:- The title is placed on the top of a web-page. There can be improvement in the title tag through inclusion of crucial keywords and composing in a way for alluring web-surfers for clicking on it as and when it appears on the search engine results. You must also make sure to limit the characters within the title to a maximum of 60 characters.
  2. H1 Tags:- You need to make a note that major keywords in a H1 Tag must be somewhere on the page that you wish to have high rankings for. It must preferably appear on the top of the page. It is also essential for inclusion of H2 tags on your webpage.
  3. Meta Description:- The Meta description refers to a brief description that is found in SERPS results when your website appears in visitor’s search results. Make sure that you have your main keyword in the description. Moreover, it is essential to relate the webpage in a way for alluring the potential customer looking at it to click as well as find more about your website’s products or services.
  4. Meta Keywords:- If you wish to rank your webpage in top search engine results, then you need to instruct your web-master for including major keywords. You must never repeat the same word more than 5 times.
  5. Main keywords hyperlinked at the bottom of your webpage:- You must have your major keywords which you wish to rank for hyper-linked to your main web pages as well as try locating them at the end of the page. You need to raise the power of this tip through having a set of keywords located at the bottom of every page on your website.

Thus, with the help of above secrets, you can believe in improving your website rankings in search engines.