Improving Page Rank with Article Marketing

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Improving page rank has always been a tough affair for online marketers. However, it forms a crucial part of the internet marketing strategy. For achieving high page rank, it is necessary that your site or blog appears on the first page of search engine results.

Moreover, once we improve page rank and get it on first page, then we will receive good amount of traffic to our site and still better, the visitors will see us as a ‘go to’ site in our niche just due to the fact that we are on the first page. There are several surfers who know that the listings on the right as well as top in blue are paid ads. The organic listings on the left have much more credibility-just like people believe in editorial as compared to advertising.

The first step towards article marketing for improving page rank is to focus on writing articles in bulk. The articles can either be written by us or hire a person to perform the task. An ideal article must be at least in between 400-600 words long, broken up in short paragraphs as well as even better in some bullet points. Generally, the readers are lazy and mostly read articles that are highlighted in points.

Secondly, in order to improve page rank, it is essential to perform a keyword research that is relevant to the niche, have atleast 1000 monthly searches, don’t pose an overwhelming competition as well as is aimed at people having buying interest and not just idle curiosity.

After having found some good ones, there is a need to keyword-optimize a page on our site or even post on our blog with that search term and then keyword optimize the articles in the same manner. We can post such articles as pages or even blog posts on our own site. Thus, it is essential to publish the articles on top article directories.

There is a critical need for making use of ‘resource box’ or ‘bio box’ that such sites lets us to create. We wish that our article leaves the subject slightly hanging for encouraging our reader to read the bio box. In the same box, we have to link back to the relevant page on our site through usage of keyword term in the linking or anchor text.

Thus, we can improve page rank through having links on these directory sites. But it gets even more exciting when other publishers of content use our articles from the directories for using on their own sites. They are legally bound for including bio box and course of our links.