Length matters when coming to SEO

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While working on search engine optimization process, try to remember that more isn’t always better. The goal must not be capturing greatest number of searches, instead it must be greatest number of targeted relevant search results. For example, there will be more people who would be searching for cosmetic dentistry rather than cosmetic dentistry Detroit.

People who are on the lookout of a cosmetic dentist in Detroit will be more likely to visit a cosmetic dentist in Detroit. Searches that relate to broader and less focused phrase, cosmetic dentistry, may be on the lookout of a cosmetic dentistry college or even the earnings in the cosmetic dentistry field or on search of cosmetic dentistry jobs.

Thus, in the field of SEO, the more phrases you use for associating your business with something specific, you will eventually come out with some searches, and leaving you with people who are in real lookout for something special. This process is known as ‘long tail search’. The fact is that less number of people will be likely to enter a greater number of words beyond one or two. This is because, those people who perform the task of long tail search reflect a higher quantity group of prospects who are more likely to be in the purchasing mode and not merely doing a window shopping or research mode. This way they are bound to know that what they are looking for as well searching for that thing, whatever it is.

If someone types ‘dogs’ in Google, then he will not be able to see ‘dog groomer in Florida’. This is because the person will never find you among the tremendous results for search term ‘dogs’. In the second place, no one knows the purpose of searching for ‘Dogs’. There can be million reasons that aren’t related to what you do and you will come up with them in search engine results. You need to come up in the right search engine results.

Not each business adhere to the following approach, however those who do can take the advantage of piggybacking on brand names.

Striking back to dentist example, there exists a teeth straightening product which is named as ‘Invisalign’ by dentists. This product is like invisible braces which straighten your teeth. Just like other brands, spend millions of dollars on advertising to create a demand for their product. Someone considering a teeth straightening product may have already come across the product itself in an ad on TV or magazine and thus, they are looking out for a local dentist for carrying out the promotion of the product.

A perfect, geo-targeted long tail keyword strategy for our Florida dentist offering cosmetic dentistry services and carrying out the product would be to optimize an entire page of their website to allure search engine traffic from the phrase as well as related phrases.  Thus, the above SEO approach is essential for bringing in traffic to your business.