Measuring the value of SEO Link Building Program

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These days, there has been tremendous talk in between SEO experts relating to importance of incoming links and other matters related to SEO. For measuring the value of SEO link building program, you need to follow certain steps as follows:-

Firstly, you need to understand what SEO Link Building Program is. When the SEO community makes use of the terms ‘links’, it refers to link from another website that is going to your company’s site. Moreover, SEO link building does require that the site that links to you needs to be trustworthy as well as related to your business. Valuable links come from places such as :-

  1. Universities and colleges that your company relates to.
  2. Associations as well as organizations that your company and its employees belong to.
  3. Local business groups as well as chambers.
  4. The local versions of major search engines.
  5. Although unknown but reputable business and industry related directories.
  6. Industry related publications as well as news sites.

The worthless links come from the following areas:-

  1. Websites that promote thousands of links within a short span of time.
  2. Sites that steal the content and directory listings from other websites.
  3. Pay per click programs
  4. The parent or sister companies.

Secondly, you need to understand the reason and what makes sense for having links between companies which are related by ownership. You just can’t expect for getting an SEO boost from them. The reason behind such a strategy is that search engines keep an eye on each incoming link to your site as a vote for your website. All the valuable links are counted as votes since the search engines assume that the site offering the link isn’t have vested interest in linking to your site.

Thirdly, it is required to know how the SEO link building program works. It happens sometimes that actual financial cost is related to SEO link building like industry association makes use of extra fee for a link in their directory. In general, there also exists an indirect cost that is associated with accruing incoming links that is in turn related to time and effort required for soliciting them. Due to such direct and indirect costs , it is very critical for companies to remember their SEO link building goal in case of measurement of the effectiveness of incoming links. From the perspective of SEO, there exists only one true measure of an incoming link’s value as a link from well-defined website. It is a kind of vote in your website’s favor in the search engines’ eyes.