Mistakes in Forum Marketing

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Forum marketing is a great internet marketing option for carrying out a firm’s success and brings a lot of traffic to your website. However, there are certain mistakes which you need to avoid while performing the task of forum marketing.

The first mistake that several forum marketers perform is caring too much about the theme rather than the content. However, the fact that they miss out is that forum as well its content are far more important than looks. Majority of the administrators spend their time working only on the forum’s look while neglecting the content which is the sole factor for keeping a forum live and fresh. This is due to the fact that even an awesome looking books cover wills not allure the readers to read a horribly written book.

Secondly, if you expect that visitors will just start posting the content, then you are in wrong direction. Most of the administrators open their forum with rules and guidelines in expectation of new members for starting posting the thread. However, before commencing on, you need to offer them some threads for posting in, help them out and then see rise in activity on their part.

Thirdly, expecting a lot of activity in a quick manner is a wrong decision. There are several forum administrators who are into believing that if forum isn’t extremely active in the first two months, then forum may not succeed. However, this isn’t a good thinking. Forums are just like businesses and must start from the scratch. You need to develop keen thinking for growth.

Fourthly, setting a deadline which you cannot meet will prove to be false decision. Most of the forum members get annoyed easily when an administrator hooks into such a task. Never set a deadline which you cannot fulfill.

Fifthly, not knowing your competitors may prove disastrous. You will come across several forum owners who are unaware of the forums similar to theirs and wonder why they have a little activity. You need to look at your competitors and examine what they are into and what not. You need to learn from them and try creating a better forum as against your competitor. This will prove useful in attracting visitors to your forum and not theirs.

Sixthly, you need to be creative as well as original while drawing out your forum activity. Try making such a forum that no one else has ever created. In case, you manage to create a big forum merely through copying the look-alike of some other forum, then your own forum is likely to get sacked in Google sandbox. You must offer some reason to your visitors for getting them engaged with your forum.

Seventhly, it is required not to overwhelm the members. If you possess a bunch of forum categories and sub-forums, then it doesn’t mean that it will go to make your forum much better. If you have too many forums, then you have to cut short the ones that are least active or otherwise, your forum will have no value.