Multiple Domains

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For playing best in the SEO industry, it isn’t wise for building multiple domains for hosting relatively same content. Offering multiple domains doesn’t fall within the scope of their probable SEO solutions and options. Majority of SEO engineers do believe that search engines find this kind of practice a s misleading and downright abusive with no ifs and buts.

Majority of the people who are inclined in adoption of such a approach  may not have intention for deceiving and are motivated through prospect of obtaining a real bang for their buck through achieving material edge when it comes to productivity as well as coverage. In today’s scheme of things, such kind of practice is slightly dismissed which is exclusively committed by novice search engine optimization professional. For majority of the experienced as well as seasoned SEO service providers, this represents a quick fix.

If you are still wondering why the web seems to be screwed up these days, then think no more. You will come across SEO designed blogs optimized in the best possible manner. Moreover tags and categories are turned off. Also half of their pages are no follow and several search engines optimization plugs that are useless are installed as well as affecting the crawl ability of the blog site. People involved in such tasks are the last ones that you would turn to for both SEO advice and help. However, the fact is that SEO multiple domains is not a complex undertaking and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist for posing them. You just have to create additional 4 pages on 5 domains as well as link such domains, thus you gain a multiple domain site from your core 20 page site.

But the bigger issue still remains and that is you will pose interlinked domains. This is the time when things become fishy and tricky. You will come across several SEO gurus who have a strong notion or belief that interlinking of domains can get you penalized or even banned. It is crucial to understand that Yahoo specifically objects to domain interlinking as it doesn’t accept multiple listing of interlinked domains within their directory.

By considering all such issues, you can very well understand that it is not the interlinking which can get the webmasters into a serious problem with search engines. However, you have to understand what would constitute the circumstance for which SEO multiple domains can lead to serious issues with search engines. Interlinking domains is not the main purpose of search engines, it is link manipulation that counts. Search engines usually do not make a big fuss in case you are going to have 5 domains that are interlinked to one another. But the problem arises when 50 or more such domains are linked to each other. This makes a link farm. However, the major difference when search engines are concerned relate not only on the scale of the act but even on the intent that is downright most of the time.