Optimizing your website in ten easy steps

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There are several people that think optimizing a website is very easy. However, in reality it is not so easy. There are several SEO expert services available in the market but choosing the right strategy plays a crucial task. There are several matters to be taken care of while optimizing the website.

Firstly, while optimizing the website, is crucial to avoid bad neighborhoods. This way, you must never link your website with those websites that are not famous due to their unethical and malpractices performance, thus having a bad reputation in the market.

Secondly, never exchange links with those websites that are irrelevant to your business. You might get several mails that offer you to exchange links but be wise and chose only those offers that are relevant to your business.

Thirdly, avoid keyword stuffing. This means avoid using the keywords too frequently.

The fourth rule of the game is to never use the same title and meta tags within your website.

Fifthly, never go for hidden text within the website content. Hidden text refers to that content which is of same color as that of background. There are several people who use hidden keywords for camouflage effect. However, search engines are capable of detecting them.

Sixthly, you must avoid the use of frames within your website  but never use outdated frames. This is due to the fact that search engines find difficult to index web pages with frames in it.

Seventhly, you must never forget to optimize the images within your website. This is because content duplication hampers the effectiveness of the links. You can take the help of software that detects the content of the site for duplicity errors.

Eighthly, never forget to optimize the images in your website. It is best to use images under 200kb. Always try going for images that are anything between 100kb to 150kb.

Ninthly, check the HTML coding of the web pages. Before launching the website, you must check each page in a careful manner.

Finally, you need to check the download speed of the website.

Keeping in mind these kinds of tips, you can optimize your website for top search results