Using Orange Hash Tags while commenting

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The fierce competition on the web world has always proved to be one of drawing customers to a specified site. There are various people who go online for making some extra cash as well as to make it possible that they have drawn customers to your site or whatever you possess there.

Each website is active for alluring visitors as well as adding new features which help the people to constantly use the site in an extensive manner. You have to keep in line along with this thinking. Moreover, taking the help of You Tube for adding new features in their comments system is another method to be considered. With the help of such feature, anyone can highlight their comments through usage of some orange hash tags. The working of such tags is quite similar to twitter and in case you click on the tags, it will offer a list of videos which have similar tags along with comments. One note of caution is that tags are used only with capital letters as small letters do not work.

Grabbing the attention of the visitor isn’t new on the internet as everyone is doing it. Moreover, those who are interested in videos try attracting attention with the help of comments on You Tube. In an unfortunate manner majority of the people do not have the proper use of comments for grabbing attention. Another noteworthy thing is that the comments which you post must be attention grabbing rather than looking like begging. You need to make use of a tone which is commanding as well as phrases which are catchy as well as add some surprise element for best results.

You must know that the attention span of online browsers is very short until and unless something hits them hard they won’t take a pause for having a second look. Thus, if you wish them to pause, then you will have to make up your comments along with colored hash. Your comment must commence right after the colored hash tag and it must be something that call to action type of comment. The very comment must exhibit confidence as well as you must put in your comments in between two colored hash tags.

This kind of technique works very well. After the visitor pauses or gets attracted to your comment and get curious, they click on it.