Pay Per View Marketing

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These days, pay per view marketing is gaining momentum round the market. It is due the fact that it offers flexibility relative to other options available. Marketers have discovered that they can do much more with PPV as compared to other marketing options. The primary competition that comes for PPV is Pay Per Click or PPC campaign. PPV marketing is something different from PPC campaign by the fact that you are charged each time your pop-up gets served on a computer with adware installed and not for each click on your ad. The adware is installed as a part of ad support software like games, toolbars and screensavers that a user has installed on their computer. There are several PPV networks in this space like Trafficvance, Leadimpact, Media Traffic, Direct CPV, being some of the more popular PPV Networks.
The cheap cost offered by PPV marketing has made it attractive. There are some other PPV networks for which you can get impressions for as low as $0.01 per click for certain keywords and URLs. While using PPV marketing, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded Google slap. You must make sure that your landing pages are in compliance with the network’s rules because there is no quality score algorithm that you have to deal with.
Although there still exist not many good resources about PPV marketing, but the best found is PPV Playbook by David Ford. It is a short ebook consisting of 20 pages that offers information about pros and cons of PPV marketing. The biggest and most active community of PPV marketers around is PPV Playbook Coaching forum. In this forum, you can find PPV video lessons, case studies, follow along campaigns, landing page reviews etc for great discussion. The site has considerable amount of members and is growing very rapidly.
PPV companies allow marketers to link directly to affiliate offers and in turn create some unique and profitable opportunities in certain areas along with specific options. Such opportunities aren’t available with PPC alternatives. PPV does not require specific landing page guidelines that need to be met. PPV participants do have more freedom in terms of message construction and products and service offerings.
End number of people is sailing aboard the PPV train. This is due to the fact that PPV advertising offers unparalleled flexibility and more space of the kind of creative exploration for generating high-profit breakthroughs.
There is a great potential for generating revenues with pay per view marketing and is a mode of traffic source which you must look into. Even if you are earning enough through Pay per click marketing, you must try your hands on pay per view for earning additional revenues. There exist several marketers who are using PPV and are achieving high rate of returns with their campaign.
By adopting PPV advertising, you can create a bigger room for the kind of creative exploration for producing high-profit breakthroughs.