Pay Per View Traffic Vs Pay Per Click Traffic

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Are you fed up of Google who has just raised its pay per click charges when you are about to making profits. It may be worse to have Google make an arbitrary decision that your keyword isn’t relevant for your website, thus throwing it away.

An alternative to Pay per Click traffic is Pay Per View traffic. This method is relatively new in the world of internet marketing business as well as the cost per view is in contrast cheaper than the pay for click advertisement costs.

With the help of Pay Per View, you can very easily find keywords or even URL’s for paying as little as one cent per view. Eventually, you will get several targeted PPV views for the same cost as and what you were paying for a pay per click campaign. A PPV pop up will help your ad to appear when internet users search for the keyword that you have targeted for your PPV traffic campaign.

The PPV traffic is a genuine one and not incentivized as none of the people are paid for your PPV pop ups. Legitimate PPV networks provide built-in protections for preventing the same person from receiving your pop-up over and over again.

PPV also offers other flexible targeting alternatives which may be of interest. Instead of choosing a keyword, you can ask for URL’s. The URL’s may be of your competitors or those that compliment your site’s offerings. In this way, when an internet shopper is in search of your competition, they will see an addition to the competition’s website that will be pop up ad for your site. Such are motivated viewers who are in search of a product or service which you offer. Thus, there is a way for offering them your site in addition or instead of the site they are searching for.

The main aim of PPV traffic is to have a pop up grabbing the attention of the viewers in first twenty or so seconds. One of the major benefits of PPV traffic is to have the website appear when the internet searcher enters your targeted URL or keyword. A small ad will not do the task as your actual site will do.

Moreover, for making the viewer to get intrigued to the site and stay and shop from there, you need to design your landing page or website. You may either offer a give-away or even a discount to those who click through your website pop-up. Through conversion of PPV traffic to sales is all a result of pop up headline. The headline must be such that it promises value to your customers.

In the initial stages, you can start out a PPV traffic campaign for less than $100. There isn’t any reason for exploring the internet marketing opportunity. Always check for a PPV traffic network and track your results. In case you need to make out for adjustments, then PPV campaigns can be easily tweaked as well as adjusted for ensuring that you are reaching the right type of PPV traffic.