Make use of Pinging for building One Way Links

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Pinging refers to a way of allowing search engines to know that you have made a new post or even updated an existing post on your blog. Ping refers to a message that is been sent to a ping server by notifying that a blog has been updated with new content.

Ping server refers to a web based service accepting messages in the XML-RPC format. It mainly uses this format for publishing a list of blogs that have updated content. There are certain few ping servers that run their own blog search engines as well as prorogate the information to a number of other ping servers as well as search engines.

There are several blog publishing platforms like WordPress that have built-in pinging tool. In case of WordPress, pinging is turned on default as well as pings can go out to one ping server that updates many search engines.

You can even address a ping server that you have updated content manually by going to their website as well as submitting both blog’s name and URL.

A famous ping server is PingOMatic. After your blog pings PingOMatic, it notifies a number of search engines that your blog has been updated. Majority of the search engines have their own ping server as well. This way, search engines can update their listings with new content the very same time. Through this way, you can obtain one way back links to your blog , majority of which have a high Google Page Rank.

Before starting pinging, there are certain aspects that you must know. Firstly, make sure to ping only if you have updated content or otherwise it may happen that your site may become blacklisted as a spam blog which is also known as splog.

Seondly, in case you wish to post your blog and after that re-write the post frequently, then you must make sure that you ping only when you have fresh content and not on updates. If you are using WordPress, there are certain plug-ins to make sure that pings are only sent when a post is created.

Thirdly, is a nice idea to ping several ping services specially those that notify several search engines. Never overdo it though. Always make sure that is you are pinging a niche search engine, your blog must fall into relevant niche.

In the fourth step, You must make sure that if a search engine is notified by a ping server which you are already using, then you don’t have to add the same search engine own ping service to the list of servers to ping. Since blog spammers have abused ping servers in case you are pinging a search engine several times, your site will end up being blacklisted as well as fail to appear in the search engines at all.

Thus, pinging is done either to increase the traffic on your site or making money from advertisements. It pose a great and effective marketing tool