Promote your business with Video Distribution

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Video Distribution refers to a powerful way for marketing yourself on the web world. Not only you can create video but also distribute it across a wide array of video sharing sites. This method is mostly used for generation of traffic as most video upload sites such as You Tube don’t offer followed back-links with your videos. It is the case for majority of video sharing sites although there are few more obscure sites that do allow for you to obtain a followed back-link along with your video uploads.

If you are trying to generate traffic or wish to link build with videos, there are certain steps to creating simple videos as well as uploading them around the web.

You do not have to have a fancy, viral like videos in case you are uploading videos only. This is because your sole goal is to build back links. Videos provide you a platform in this case. The entire issue is to bring traffic to your site.

The first step is to convert the articles into audio through the help of Ivona. You need to convert your text to speech and then download. The speech from Ivona is really good every one must use it. After this, you must Ivona tutorial for completing the step. It usually takes about a minute for converting the articles into speech and downloaded the MP3 file.

The second step is to create a video. There are several ways for making videos which can be made with the help of varied software packages out there, but any video editing software will do in this case. Always try to remember you aren’t trying to convert the work of art. Our major goal is to upload a video as well as gain a backlink from doing so. You can even use Windows Movie Maker for the majority of the videos as the process sis very simple and quick. For a basic video, you need to combine pictures along with your audio file for creation of a slideshow. You can even be creative with the part which you want. For building traffic, creativity is important for videos but for backlinks you may become lazy.

The third step is to upload the videos. You can commence through seeing what sites are available for video-back-linking. For reference, you can read some good articles about the process. Some of the site that have proven to work for backlinks  include Viddler.com, Ovi.com, videobomb.com, ning.com etc.