Promoting your website made easy

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Having a website of your own is a big responsibility. Just by building a website is not the ultimate motive. One needs to promote it for getting traffic. There are several website promotion tools that will enhance traffic as well as get valuable links to your website.
There are certain tips for promoting your website. Firstly, just like having a business name is a must, the same goes with having a website name. The name must be such that it is easy to remember and is simple to provide convenience to the customer. While emailing your existing customers, prospective clients etc, your website name must appear at the bottom of your email signatures for each and everybody you mail. This way, you can spread your name as well as your business even though you aren’t selling.
Secondly, your website must have interesting and relevant articles. The articles must be such that visitors can easily read and grasp. It must include correct information related to products and services that you are selling. If your content is worth reading, then there is every possibility that your website shows up on the top. This is good for your business.
Thirdly, you must add complete information to each page. The footer is a good place for this. Visitors will feel more secure as they know that they can contact you in case something goes wrong in their purchase.
You must be accessible to the visitors by offering them multiple ways for contacting you. This includes snail mail, email, telephone, social networks etc. It offers credibility building because visitors can get in touch with you through social networks and see that you are actively participating and responding to your fans and clients.
Your website must contain a question form so that the visitors can put their questions related to purchase of item before buying one. You can put a link at the bottom of the sales page. This is the easiest way to contact you.
By adding logos of the payment methods you accept will help the visitors feel comfortable shopping with you as they can recognize the logos easily. You must use a secure shopping cart for checkout. There are several free as well as inexpensive options for accepting your customer’s order security online. Try Mal’s E-Commerce or E-Junkie. This is because the visitors will never email you for purchasing your product.
Adding third party validation about your product quality helps boost confidence. Moreover, never confine your feedback to just feedback page. You need to feature the testimonials on the pages where you offer the products for sale. You can include the name and city of the person who has given you the feedback. If you can include audio and video testimonials, then it becomes fantastic.
Linking to other sites where your products have been reviewed is a must for any website owner. Have your customers review your products and services on these pages. These are some of the tips for promoting your website.