Some reasons for Loving Twitter

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For some people, twitter has become addiction. Twitter posts are read first right after waking from bed to before going to bed. Twitter has become like a bunch of short stories got in tit-bits of every day like a soap opera scattered on a daily dosage. There exist certain reasons why people have commenced liking Twitter so much.

Firstly, you need to admit that you love knowing what other people are doing. This task can be performed right from your home and make you people watching. Majority of people just love to sit, watching as well as creating story lines for those people whom they see online on twitter. Twitter helps you take to the next level through offering you bits as well as pieces of their lives just a kind of extended version of Mad Lib.

Secondly, you do not have to watch any more news. Through follow up of select group of news outlets as well as people who care about current events, you can usually find out the major events of the day without having to go to your home for watching seven’o clock news. Through the help of twitter posts, you can even find out major events before the news flashes your television screens. Twitter posts help you to keep abreast of current affairs.

Thirdly, in case you have fallen into a bad day, then twitter can help make you look cheerful. If you are feeling very low, then someone’s tweet is surely to make you look happy. You will personally love someone’s tweets as they can take you mood off from the monotonous work or daily chores.

Another reason why people love twitter is because you find motivation. If you are a runner, then you will lack motivation to get the rear out the door as well as get it done. Twitter can prove to be a great motivator as it will help follow a large number of athletes. You are bound to find someone who must have biked harder or ran more than you leaving behind motivational spoons for you.

Twitter possess the ability for caring about things which you never knew or care about. Suppose you love good basketball game, then in time you will realize that soccer seems to be the world’s sports. Instead of wasting an hour or two on ESPN star sports gulping on the entire media coverage of the game, you can just follow some of the soccer players’ tweets and get yourself going.