Do Not Of SEO

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•Do not use hidden text in the background.
•Do not increse keyword frequency in the title tag.
•Do not use keyword stuffing.
•Do not use misleading Content on the webpages.
•Do not redirect the website from different domains.
•Do not repeat the keywords in the Meta tags.
•Do not submit the website frequently in the search engine.
•Do not use small text on the website.
•Do build your website in frames.
•Do not ask questions from a search engine multiple times a day.
•Do not cloak the website.
•Do not participate in Link Farm programs.
•Do not copy content from other websites.
•Do not use any kind Spamming.
•Do not use any programs to manipulate google serps(auto clickers).
•Do not use social bookmarks way too much to spam.
•Do not buy irrelevant links on purpose.
•Do nou use hacked sitemaps,to include links to other sites then your own.

Many people try these trick in search engines to gain higher rankings but these seo techniques are not fair and because of this the website owners have to pay a high price for their tactics which also earn themselves a negative reputation on the internet.